Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm Back!

Ok, so it's been a while, but I'm back, crazier than ever and with a full arsenal of caffeine to keep me alert and witty....well, at least alert.  I'm not even going to attempt to catch up on the last 2 years, but the edited version is Princess is about to turn 5 and what else?  Oh yeah, I grew and birthed an entire other person, who as of 2 days ago turned 1!  I have spent the last year in a complete sleep deprived state, motivated to stay on my feet only by the large, most likely illegal amounts of caffeine I pump into my blood stream.  But, as if giving me a little early birthday present,  my little bundle of joy has finally started sleeping through the night!!  The clouds opened up, sun broke through, shining, angels singing, the whole nine yards.  And now, we are back at the present, where, as I look around my house, trying to convince myself  to drag my fat rear off of the couch to take advantage of my little man napping by packing another box(more on that another day), vacuuming, making lunches, ironing, or attempting to win even a small battle in my ongoing war against the laundry room.....but no, here I sit, watching Dawson's Creek reruns on Netflix (stop judging really, stop!) and yapping on incessantly about my coffee habit.  Eh, there's always tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just For Laughs

Well, SIT's blog suggestion for today was to repost a past blog you're really proud of.  Well, I don't know how "proud" I am of this, but it made me laugh out loud, and I figured, who doesn't need a good laugh, so, enjoy =o)

I am amazing!!! (October 10, 2009)

DISCLAIMER:  Please note, I use this blog as my own free therapy, so please take all ranting and raving with a grain of salt, as it is just the musings of a sleep deprived, overworked, underpaid, toddler chasing mommy =o)

Ever notice how prior to getting married, men are all "I can do it all"?  "I want to do my own laundry, I can clean my own dishes, oh honey, let ME clean the kitchen for you."  WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!!!!!  I mean, I do have to admit, that I probably helped in creating the monster that I have today.  I grew up with Donna Reed for a mother.  She is domesticity(is that a word?) personified.  She made meals from scratch....and not just every now and then when she got all spunky and creative and tried to channel Martha Stewart.  No, everyday she made dinners and desserts and pies and bread!!!!  She also made most of my clothes until I was 9 and even made my dad's dress shirts and sport coats.  My dad, being the lovable color blind fellow that he is, needed my mom's help in clothes selection.  But in true Donna Reed form, she did his laundry, ironed his clothes everyday, put together his outfits.  Come on, I was bound to have some issues resulting from this kind of perfection.  Well, I tried to replicate my mother's uncanny ability to do everything for everyone and make it look effortless.....not so much for me, my friends.  Now don't get me wrong.  I like to do things for my husband.  My problem is that now I am taking care of my two year old "angel" all day, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, dealing with all of the fun of a toddler, then I get dinner ready for DH and Princess (which I do not have time to eat), run her to the babysitters, run back home, get ready for work, go to work, work, come home at 11pm to find the house a disaster and everyone asleep. (and yes I do know that was a rediculously long run on sentence)  So what do I do then, unbutton my shirt, straighten up the house, can't do the dishes b/c the kitchen is right by Princess's room, iron DH's clothes for the next morning, get his lunch ready then some time after midnight, I drop exhausted into bed until Princess wakes up one of her 3 times during the night.  Then at 6 am, the DH wakes up (which of course means I wake up, even if I can't drag my limp body out of bed) and REPEAT.  Moral of this story, clean the house every now and then, rub my back, give me a break and a lot of flowers, and tell me repeatedly how FREAKING amazing I am,  because, dang it, I deserve it!!!!!  


JR said...
Fo Sho. Me love you long time!
Urban Legend said...
You know how people complain about stretch marks, and you're like, "at least you have a kid to show for yours! I just have a bunch of empty candy wrappers." That's how I feel about you. You do waaaaaay more than is humanly possible for me taking care of just me....and you have two people dependent on you! Wow. You amaze me. Hell, I will rub your feet!
Addie's Mommy said...
Sarah, you crack me up! Wow, a foot rub....oh that's right, it's Jess who is freaked out by feet huh? And I would not be amazed if I were you...I'd more likely have a straight jacket and padded cell reserved for when all of this comes crashing down on me and I completely loose whatever sembence of sanity I have remaining =o) I love you girl!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pediatric Cancer Month

Ok, so I am going to share a very honest fact about myself.  One that will definately not paint me in a good light, but sometimes, this kind of realization can be a catalyst for change.  My heart breaks when I see these commercials for different charity organizations.  Especially ones that involve children.  I always talk about doing something.  But talk is cheap and I never do.  I never have.  How sad is that?  Today, however, I found something I can do.....something we all can do.  Craft Hope has put together something to bring a smile to the face of a child who is fighting a fight most of us can't even imagine.  September is pediactric cancer month and Craft Hope is asking us to make pillow cases for kids in the hospital trying to beat this disease.  Please, please, please help do this.  No longer settle for just shedding a few tears for these kids.  Do something to brighten their day.  To make them smile.  To remind them that there is a world of people out there who care whether they live or die, people they have never even met.  Be a little bit of Jesus to a child who is our future.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School

Ok, so I know this is just pre pre school (yes, I meant to put 2 pre's there), but is the beginning of the end of my little baby being my little baby.  She of course, my little independent social butterfly, was like, peace Mom, see ya!  So much for the warm and fuzzies.  But, I do have to admit, that it was pretty cool to watch her, complete with backpack the size of her, walk into her very own classroom, ready to take on the fear!  That's my girl!  And of course, pay back is a beautiful thing.  My litte angel has been depriving me of sleep, therefore sending me into a serious and desperate addiction to my morning (and sometimes all day) coffee.

Today, however, was my turn!  She was almost too cute and sweet sleeping all snuggled up.......


                          ALMOST =O)
But, to make up for my inappropriate joy at waking my child up from a deep restful slumber, I made some special star shaped pancakes.  Does that absolve me?  

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Picture of Brokenness

So, I have been in a bit of a spiritual slump as of late.  I know that the Lord is just waiting for me to lay down at His feet again, but I have been feeling cold and along and full of anxiety and stubbornly continuing to carry everything on my own.  So, this morning, with the heavy feeling of the last few days still fresh, I turned on the song, Beloved by Kari Jobe and began to read my Bible, forsaking all of my other normal attention stealers (Facebook, news and gossip...terrible to admit, but since I'm all vunerable right now, I figure I'd just go all out)  So I opened up looking for the story of Lazarus, hoping to find something to give me hope in my husband's healing. (The right side of his face is paralized from Bells Palsey).  Instead, I think I have found a key for the beginning of my own healing.  I read about Mary.  Now, I know about Mary and Martha and their different personalities.  I've heard the story a hundred times about Mary and the jar of perfume.  But today, I see this woman in a different light.  When Jesus, who had delayed his arrival, came to see Mary and Martha, Martha told Jesus that her brother, Lazarus, was dead and that if He had only come sooner, she knew He could have healed him.  He called for Mary to meet Him.  When she did, she said the same thing to Jesus.  However, she followed with something different.  She fell at His feet and started weeping.  I'm sure these tears were the tears of loss.  The Bible says that Jesus was "deeply moved in Spirit."  This verse precedes the shortest and most humanizing verse in the whole Bible for me...."Jesus wept."  Her broken spirit moved Jesus so deeply, that He wept with her.  Later, Mary took her jar of expensive perfume, which was worth a years wages.  She broke the jar and poured in on Jesus' feet and washed it off with her hair.  I've always read these stories seperately, but today was different.  Today, I see a woman who is filled with deep emotions and who sees the world differently.  She is artistic and sensitive and at times, openly broken.  Not only did Jesus not judge her for being this way, but He was moved deeply in His Spirit.  I don't have to pretend to be something I'm not, or what other people need me to be.  I, a sensitive and artistically minded woman, am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Today, I choose to be like Mary, raw and open and broken before my Savior.  He doesn't need me to be fixed and perfect, He needs me honest and true and broken so that He can create a masterpiece using the pieces of that I lay at His feet.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Best Project Ever

Ok, so hopefully my BFF will not read this before tomorrow when she actually sees this in person.  So this is the year we both say goodbye to our 20's.  She is much more grown up about this than I am, but that is an entirely different post.  Anyway, for her birthday, I, being on an extremely tight budget, decided to make her present.  This is something that she is normally much more talented in than I am, but I thought, "What the heck, I'll give it a shot!"  Well, boys and girls, I belied my typically creative-less self and made a pretty sinking cute present, if I do say so myself....and I do!  I got the idea from a fellow blogger on her site, Living With Lindsay, and then just tweeked (is that a real word?) it a little bit. It was so much fun and super easy, which in a world filled with markers and coloring books, tricycles and swimming pools, fairies and super heros, quick and easy is my very favorite phrase!  So here's how easy this really was.
1.  Buy a wreath circle (no idea what the technical term for that flower styrofoam circle thingy you make    wreaths with, but that's what I'm talking about here)  I got mine at the Dollar Tree, for, you guessed it, $1!

2.  Tear out pages of an old book (or a new $1 crappy romance novel that no one should be forced to read anyhow)

3.  Make a horn shape with each page, hot gluing them in place

4.  Hot glue pages to circle thing (I did longer ones on the bottom and layered up with shorter ones, but that's just me)

5.  I used a bit of 2 or 3 inch wide satin ribbon I had lying around and just laced it through the pages, then glued a few flowers to the center (really just to cover up the fact that I can't make a pretty circle in the middle, but sssshhhh, don't tell) 

The End

See, super easy......and super cute!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Reporter Frock Grosgrain Giveaway

The Reporter Frock Grosgrain Giveaway

Alright, girls....check this super cute dress out. All you have to do is comment on and you are entered to win. I love easy to win stuff =o)